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How to Reset Neteller Password – Secure ID – 2 Steps Authentication?

How to Reset Neteller Password – Secure ID – 2 Steps Authentication?

As we already know, Neteller is one of the best ewallet providers on the market at the moment. They always put security at first with two main ways to secure your account which are: password and secure ID. The more advanced way to secure your account is “Two-steps authentication”, users will need to get a code from Google Authenticator to access their accounts.

However, sometimes, we forget our passwords – secure ID – or unintentionally deleted Google authenticator app. Therefore, today, OVE will show you how to get your password – secure ID – two-steps authentication in case you lost it.

Login Password


At login screen, Click “Forgot password”.


You will need to fill in correct information with the one you registered your account: First and last name, email address. Click “continue” then check your email, they will send you a link to reset your password.

Reset Secure ID & Two-steps authentication


Secure ID and Two-steps authentication are the most important way to secure your account, therefore, it needs more information to reset them. If you already logged in your account, you can change them in “Setting -> Security”. If you lose your Secure ID or Two-steps authentication, you cannot access your accounts or make any transaction.


So in case you lost your Secure ID or Two-steps authentication, you need to write an email and send it from the email that you registered with Neteller to reset them.


Send to: [email protected]


  •      – Your Neteller Email address: 
  •      – Neteller ID account number:
  •      – Describe exactly your problem with Secure ID or two-steps authentication and ask them to reset it
  •      – Attach these documents to verify your identity:
    •               + Front and Back of your ID/Driver License/Passport
    •               + A selfie with your ID/Driver License/Passport
    •               + A selfie with a hand-written paper: Neteller, DD/MM/YYYY


After sending the email, you will need to wait about 24-48 hours and they will respond via your email.


Important note: you should check your email usually to update about your case, and use the reset link that is provided by Neteller support to reset your Secure ID or Two-steps authentication in time.

Neteller Special Benefits when you register via OVE

All users who registered their Neteller account via our link will get faster support by providing your problem with us. We will help you send requests to reset your Secure ID/Two-steps authentication the fastest way instead of waiting for 24-48 hours.

Sign up now to get these special benefits:

  • – Instant Bronze Pro VIP
  • – P2P fees capped at $10
  • – Lower require to get Silver VIP ($7,500)
  • – Special monthly cashback program (0.3% to 0.5%)
  • – Fully verified account within 1 business day
  • – Dedicated support from OVE team

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