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Skrill is a worldwide used e-wallet with millions of users and lots of benefits for customers. The main focus of Skrill is to bring users the best experience with a little amount of cost. It is easy to see the fees from Skrill are less than Neteller and that is really beneficial to the customers. Moreover, Skrill lets users make secure transactions by only using email and password. Once reached to a certain amount of transaction, users can get their hands on Skrill VIP Program which brings more perks to customers. The VIP benefits can be lower fees per transaction, dedicated support from Skrill, ultimate protection and so much more.

Skrill VIP Requirement Levels

There are 4 levels of Skrill VIP that you can reach by transferring a certain amount of money per quarter. Once you meet the requirements from Skrill, they will upgrade your account within 24 working hours.

SPECIAL DEAL: By register with Us you have the opportunity to receive VIP Silver with only 3000 EUR deposited to merchants. Please note, VIP offer is granted only once.

What Are The Skrill VIP Benefits?

Better value means a better life, that is all customers can get when getting VIP status. By just only Sign Up via OVE, you can get your account instantly upgraded to Silver VIP which is you jumped pass Bronze VIP and get more benefits.

  • – Firstly, the sending money fee for Bronze is 1.45% with the minimum amount of 0.5 EUR. However, starting from Silver customers can send money for free every time they want. Some countries will have to pay a fee for sending money with the same rate as Bronze VIP, see the Skrill Fees page for more information.
  • – Secondly, bank withdrawal fee is free when users get to Silver VIP status and up. Nonetheless, customers with Bronze VIP only have to pay 5.50 EUR per transaction. There might be a limit to withdraw money from ATM.
  • – Thirdly, foreign exchange rates or FX rates can be crucial to a lot of people. With the currency that is not USD or EUR, customers might want to exchange their money from that to their fiat currency. For Bronze VIP is 3.79%, Silver VIP is 2.89%. Gold is 2.59% and Diamond is 1.99% which is at some levels lower than Neteller.

OVE offers an instantly VIP upgrade program that you can get. Just by signing up with OVE, you can get Silver VIP status right away and access all the VIP benefits. Only OVE users have this special deal. Furthermore, as Silver VIP you will also be able to opt-in OVE’s special cashback program and exclusive personal support from OVE team. Sign Up Now so you can enjoy all the benefits.

What Does Each Skrill VIP Levels Bring To You?

In conclusion, reaching beyond what Skrill offered you, OVE has a Loyalty Program that would benefit users even more. Alongside with receive perks from Skrill, OVE also gives cashback up to 0.4% for customers.

Check out all the benefits you get when joining OVE:

Start your journey with OVE and get your special benefits!

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