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OVE Cashback Program

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OptimalVip eWallet (OVE) offered a wide range of benefits to our dear customers. With more than 2 years of work experience and customer support. We want to sure our clients get what is best for you. Hence, we offered a Loyalty Program that instantly upgrades your Neteller account to BRONZE PRO VIP and our dedicated.

What is OVE Cashback Program?

OVE Cashback is a program that customers get a certain amount of money back from each transaction toNeteller/Skrill partnered merchants. Therefore, the more you spend the more you will get Cashback from us. The levels range from Bronze to Diamond to indicate the percentage of Cashback that you will receive. This below table will explain all the levels:

Total Volume Transfer to
Merchants per month

$0 - $50,000


$50,001 - $100,000


$100,001 - $200,000


$200,001 +

Cashback Percentage





How to calculate your cashback amount?

The way OVE will calculate your level is by determining the amount of money that you transfer to merchants per month. For example, if you signed up and activated your account on June 1st and your total amount transfer to merchants on June 30th is 50,001 USD, then you will be upgraded to Silver level and earn up to 0.35%, which is up to $150. Depends on which merchants that you transfered, the amount of cashback can be different.

Important notes:

– In case of negative revenue, we reserve the right to nullify those specific negative transaction revenue and not paying cashback for those transactions.

– The minimum payment amount is $5. If your cashback is less than $5, it will be accumulated with the following months

– Please note there are some excluded merchants to which our standard OVE Cashback/ bonus percentages do not apply such as Betfair, Poker sites, etc.. If we receive any profit from your transactions via Neteller/Skrill, we will protect your benefits with us and give you 30% of the profit we get on that transaction only. In additional, we reserve the right to amend our program and bonus percentages at any time.

– See our Terms and Conditions for more informations.

Wanna Make More Money with OVE? Refer Your Friends

Now you can make even more money by refer the Loyalty Program to your friends and earn 20% cashback, rebates, commission payments. As soon as we confirmed that their accounts have been registered. The money will start pouring in your wallet monthly or weekly depends on your account level.

For example: You referred 5 friends who each transfer $20,000 via Neteller per month from their accounts to Neteller’s partnered merchants such as sports betting and Forex sites, etc.… For their transfers, they earn up to 0.5% (Diamond level) = $100 from OVE Cashback Program each, $500 in total. With 20% REF Bonus from OVE Referral Program, you ill earn: $500 * 20% = $100 in total.

How do I tell my friends?


Step 1:
Get your REF link under “My Affilliate” section.

Step 2: Share it with your friends, and make sure your friends use your link to create OVE andNeteller /Skrill account with us.

Step 3: Tell them to add their Neteller /Skrill account that they created via our link to their OVE account

Step 4: Holla! Whenever your friends use their Neteller
/Skrill with our partnered merchants, you will earn cashback.

**Make sure you and your friends eWallets account cashback status are approved by OVE before using it. Click here to check your cashback status.

Still have questions?

Dont hesitate to Contact Us. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

OptimalVip-Ewallet.com does not advertise any gambling and only contains information of Neteller and Skrill for our customers. If any content presented here is illegal in your country, please to leave the website. We do not hold any responsibility for your course of actions.

About Optimalvip-Ewallet

Our Mission We’re OptimalVIP and you may know us from our profitable eWallet & Forex Cashback Rebate services. If you are not familiar with us yet, please read on to get to know the story of how we came to be! Today, we will explain all of our services and their benefits, payment concepts, brands, Forex Cashback Rebate and conditions to you. Rather than having to figure it out yourself, we guide you through the process of registration to help you get started fast and smoothly and track your earnings in real time! Within the eWallet, we have an internal support system that’s ready to help you whenever you need it. Thanks to the high satisfaction rate of our clients, we build a strong bond of trust between our providers for the eWallets. All loyalty rewards will be sent to our customers as soon as possible, and we love to hear your feedback to improve our service!


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