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What to do when your Neteller/Skrill account is locked or permanently closed?

What to do when your Neteller/Skrill account is locked or permanently closed?

You want to know why your Neteller or Skrill account is locked and how to avoid it? You also want to know how to restore your account? With all these informations, we hope you know more about Neteller/Skrill and use it wisely to your advantage.

As we already know, Neteller and Skrill are the 2 best eWallet providers on the market at the moment. They always put security, privacy and user protection on top. Thus, all users need to know and understand all the basic policies so you do not violate it unintentionally. Neteller and Skrill are ready to lock or close your account if they see any violation that can harm their products.

Common reasons on why your account is locked – User protection


There are some confusions between locked and closed accounts. Neteller and Skrill always try to protect their customers, therefore they often scan for malicious actions on accounts to avoid any risk. In order to avoid potential losses, they often locked your account for these reasons:


   1. Unknown IP, VPN, Proxy or incognito browser 

   2. Users login with IP that Neteller/Skrill does not support

   3. Failed to login to your account for too many times

   4. Someone try to guess your password

What to do if you cannot access Neteller/Skrill website?


Sometimes, you will have difficulty accessing Neteller/Skrill website because of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you try to access a website too many times at a certain time, they will lock your IP as a defense from a cyber attack like DDOS. This does not make your account locked, so you just have to be patient and try to access Neteller/Skrill another time.

What to do when your account is locked without knowing the reason?


If you cannot access your account or see a notification that shows your account is temporarily locked, check your email. Neteller/Skrill often sends email to notify you about your account status.

If you do not get any email, you can try to contact Neteller/Skrill supports or VIP support from OVE team:

   – Neteller: [email protected]


        + None VIP account: [email protected]

        + Silver VIP and above: [email protected]

   –OVE support: [email protected]

(Please provide your Neteller/Skrill ID, OVE username, describe your issue in detail and attach images if possible). We will reply you ASAP

In case your account is locked because of policies violation


When you register for Neteller/Skrill, you agree with all their terms and conditions. Therefore, make sure that you understand all of them and try not to violate any terms.


Common terms:

       – You must be at least 18 years old to register 

       – All informations that you provided has to be correct and do not try to use fake informations

       – You can only have one account with the same informations

       – Do not try to laundry money, or providing services that are prohibited

       – Make any deposits/withdrawal under other people behalf

       – Find out more in: Neteller Policy, Skrill Policy

Ways to avoid account locked and permanently closed


       – Do not use VPN, proxy provider to login to your account

       – Do not share your account/personal informations for anyone

       – Do not create multiple accounts with one information if you are not Silver VIP or not contacted by anyone from Neteller/Skrill

       – If you plan on going to other countries, contact the support team first. Your account could be locked if you login your account from other countries. 

       – Do not try to make any illegal transactions

       – Neteller and Skrill provide multiple ways to secure your account, try to use at least 1 or 2 ways (PIN code, two factors authenticator, …)

       – Have a strong password and change it frequently

What happens if your account is permanently closed?


If you get an email notification that your account is closed because of policy violation, we are sorry that your account is not restorable.

However, if your account still has money, you can contact Neteller/Skrill support to withdraw it.

Important note:

       – Neteller/Skrill will only provide you one way to withdraw your money which is through bank account that has the same name with the one that you registered Neteller/Skrill account

       – You need to fill correct bank information to withdraw money

       – You also need to have a bank statement with full information, swift code for the withdrawal process.

Neteller/Skrill may deduct up to 150 USD/EUR in your balance. You cannot create another account with the same information that was banned.

Neteller and Skrill with OVE

By understanding the problems and difficulties that Neteller and Skrill users often have, OVE teams always try our best to work with Paysafe to bring the best experience to users. We hope we can help all our clients and provide VIP upgrades for all of you with other special benefits.

Extra Neteller Benefits with OVE

– Instant Bronze Pro VIP

– Lower requirement to up to Silver VIP

– Special monthly cashback program

– Easier to verify your account

– Dedicated support from our team

Extra Skrill Benefits with OVE

– Lower requirement to up to Silver VIP

– Special monthly cashback program

– Easier to verify your account

– Dedicated support from our team

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